Bandcamp's Discover tool is frustrating. I can only use the genres they list, even if I just type it into the address bar it doesn't work

@cat Makes sense.
That field in the database only has pre-defined genre types.
You can't define your own, and, even if you could, you'd get the result you just experienced, because it matches nothing.

@gemlog it doesn't make sense though, it means there's one set of genres for discover and one set of genre tags for the actual release pages.

@gemlog but they aren't, which was my point - you can only "discover" what bandcamp allows you to discover.

@cat Yes, you educated me already :-)
I'm read for some wasabi now...

@gemlog as someone who likes to dig deep it's incredibly frustrating

@cat And digging deep is what we listeners get the most of.
I'm always amazed at how much 'new' old music I get to hear on the radio with you guys.

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