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Christmas is coming, y'all. No-kill shelters are gonna have a whole lot more mouths to feed once the reality of people's "cute gift" sets in, please consider donating to your local shelter, it's important:

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Disruptive . Heavy consumer. & advocate. Once described as a connoisseur of outsider culture, I love history, & maintain a small collection of vintage : gopher://

I keep a /series of at gopher:// & do a weekly show on every Friday. More recently, I've started work on a hobby service called

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For over 8 hours Jason Scott has been doing a live dramatic reading of Leisure Suit Larry source code. And he's still going!

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Please join me in half an hour and explore the synthy awesomeness of the #80s ... tonite on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on 🌈❤️🎶

Dani got in touch with the MFB who were pissed that the alarms don't do anything but make noise. 😬

Apparently it was someone on our floor burning something in the kitchen.

Fire alarm in our building, heading home now. This year is goin' out swingin' my dudes.

So I guess I'm learning dotsies now

"I rest my mouth upon your mouth and the world is the color of murder,
I lie beside your oblivion in the shadow of mass destruction."

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I wonder if anyone's ever thought about writing graphical gopher client that could style itself according to a stylesheet at a specific selector. No animations or anything crazy like that, but just like color and background images
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the fediverse is great for privacy and being in control of your own data. bye-bye, twitter! no more data collection for you!

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Owner of a lonely heart
(Much better than a)
Owner of a broken heart

"Notice: It is our firm belief that the military surplus computer network commonly known as the "Internet" should not be used by persons under the age of majority. We encourage minors to instead use another large public computer network such as AOL, APANA, or FidoNet."


Gopher is becoming too mainstream so I'm going to start delivering FAX SEX in a MOO. You'll have to get your virtual ass to the virtual store and buy a virtual copy.

Have been sitting elsewhere in the building the last couple weeks but am back at my usual desk today and the snotty "long time no see" comments are already fucking me off.

People who don't experience depression or anxiety or whatever are interesting. A high-profile sports person "fell" from one of the bridges here and some of the comments from my coworkers are along the lines of "it must have been an accident, it can't have been deliberate, he was having such a good year" and, i dunno, it's eye-opening to hear people talk that way. People still thinking that depression is something you can see from the outside.

It makes me feel like a different species.

Apparently back in 2012 Australia was supposed to get Chick-fil-a God damn it give me that tasty chicken

"Blog" is an ugly word to say out loud, phlog isn't much better but still an improvement

"Taco Bell has no plans to open franchises in Melbourne"

Well why don't I just kill myself. 😤

Three JonTron videos in the last month. I'm worried, is he dying?

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*burps into the microphone*