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Disruptive . Heavy consumer. & advocate. Once described as a connoisseur of outsider culture, I love history, & maintain a small collection of vintage : gopher://

I keep a /series of at gopher:// & do a weekly show on every Friday. More recently, I've started work on a hobby service called

:drake_dislike: Spending more than $10 on work clothes for yourself even though everything you own is faded and threadbare.

:drake_like: Dropping $300 on doll clothes.

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Soft Ash in the grave for another week, thanks to everyone who tuned in! Playlist and whatnot up on l8r!

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Hello friends! 20 minute warning to Soft Ash, today it's horror punk so it should be a real party. Don't forget there's only two Soft Ash shows left before it changes shape, get in while you can.

Soft Ash streams live every Friday at 9 PM UTC on Tildeverse Radio. To tune in, for more info or to chat live with listeners & DJs, check out - I hope to see you there!

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I really love that Batman actualy, it'd make a great pin

Forget bitcoin, this is the only currency that matters

Obscura playing here in a couple months and I kinda want to go but I like them more in passing, like I'd be going for the spectacle or just to say I went. I haven't heard their latest album though, maybe that'll change my mind. I kinda have to really be in the mood for technical metal. In the mood for noodles. 🤷

Pre Malone*

*I'm the first one to make that joke

if a tildeverse TV stream ever eventuates, that's what I'll call my music video show

Turned my finger response off because it was broken and I don't have time to fix it haha, but I need to look at it again and learn how to auth so I can scrobble stuff too.

There's fifty-two ways to murder anyone, one and two are the same and they both work as well.

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*burps into the microphone*